Get a Credit for Your Amazon Prime Late Delivery

Our family joined shortly after the launch of Amazon Prime in 2005 to benefit from the discounted shipping costs.

The program was initially offered for $79 per year, but over time it increased to $119 per year while introducing a variety of additional perks in addition to the free 2-day shipping.

Amazon Prime now also offers Prime Music, Prime Video, Unlimited Photo Storage, Free Kindle eBooks, and Access to Special Offers on Amazon Products.

We utilize Amazon frequently for purchases and Prime Video viewing, so we unquestionably acquire our money’s worth. We are pleased with the service.

Over the years, Amazon is always introducing new services to Prime; frequently, I wasn’t even aware that these benefits were offered.

I made a discovery this past week. If you order a product with a guaranteed delivery date and it doesn’t arrive by the given date, you might be eligible for a refund of your shipping costs. But, it would be best to claim compensation for it to happen automatically.

Free 2-Day Shipping With Delivery Assurance

Amazon offers free 2-day shipping on millions of items in their shop to Prime members, but what if your package is delivered after that time? When an item doesn’t arrive when you expect it, it might be unpleasant. Yet it does happen occasionally.

Amazon might genuinely give you money if an item doesn’t arrive by the specified delivery date after we had a box miss its promised arrival this past week.

On its FAQ page, Amazon explains the guarantee and its limitations as follows:

Your shipping costs may be returned if we don’t meet the assured delivery date we promise on the checkout page. To be eligible for a delivery guarantee reimbursement, the following conditions must be satisfied:


  • The shipping method chosen is the one specified on the product detail page.
  • The order is being shipped to an eligible address.
  • Before the “order inside” countdown” is stated on the checkout page, the order is placed. The “order within” countdown timer shows you how much time you have to place your order to have your delivery by the indicated date. Before you place your order, there is a chance that that delivery date will no longer be accessible within that time frame owing to inventory or delivery capacity adjustments. Your order confirmation email includes the confirmed delivery date. Email us if you have any questions.
  • Shipping selection “Ship my items as they become available” will be chosen if your order includes items not eligible for guaranteed delivery.
  • Before the cutoff time indicated on the checkout page, your credit or debit card must be successfully charged.
  • The guarantee is only applicable if we deliver on time due to an unforeseen event beyond our control, such as a strike, natural disaster, or severe winter storm. Moreover, delivery scans might need to be more precise.
  • Our delivery guarantee is satisfied if the delivery is attempted on or before the promised delivery date.

As a result, if your order fulfils all of the criteria listed above, you might be entitled to reimbursement.

What Recompense Is Available For A Delayed Amazon Delivery?

So what kind of payment from Amazon may a customer expect for delivery later than its promised delivery date?

It depends, is the answer?

Get a Credit for Your Amazon Prime Late Delivery moneyjiggs

According to people who have successfully requested compensation, it can take anything from a credit on their account to a free month of Amazon Prime to a complete refund of the item’s price plus the delivery cost. So, it can vary greatly.

Here are a few instances of what I found when I searched online for other users’ results:

The whole item and shipping cost was refunded.

  • $40 in Amazon credits following numerous late delivery.
  • $10 in Amazon gift cards
  • Amazon credit of $5.
  • The complimentary month of Amazon Prime plus a 30% order refund.
  • Four missed delivery resulted in a free month of Amazon Prime, a $30 credit, and a free $15 item.
  • Amazon Prime for a month is free.

The most frequent payment I’ve seen is a free month of Amazon Prime, but it also happens frequently when folks get Amazon credit. The amount paid varies based on the product’s price, the frequency of late deliveries, and perhaps other elements.

How to Get Payment for a Delayed Amazon Delivery

How do you get that compensation after deciding that you’re entitled to it for your delayed Amazon delivery?

It would be best if you spoke with Amazon. It is recommended to use Amazon’s “Contact Us” website to contact them.

You can see a list of the items presently being shipped to your delivery location on the contact page, along with their tracking information, order numbers, scheduled arrival times, and other information.

You can ask for compensation by selecting “An order I placed” at the top of the screen.

Pick “Where’s my stuff?” from the first drop-down box under #2 after deciding which order you want to inquire about. Choose “Shipment is late” from the second drop-down menu to continue.

Finally, under #3, you can call or use live chat to contact Amazon. Because I don’t want to remain on the phone waiting and listening to hold music, I prefer to complete tasks via chat. Leave the chat window open while they look into your problem because it occurs quickly.

It only takes a few minutes to ask respectfully for reimbursement when your chat agent has arrived and inquired about your delayed shipment delivery.

The whole text of our conversation is provided below:

Late Delivery with Amazon Prime

In other words, I was courteous, asked if I could receive compensation, and then provided them with the order number for the problematic item so they could check it out and determine whether I qualified for the credit.

In this instance, they were glad to credit my account with $15, or roughly 40% of the order amount, on Amazon. With only five minutes of labour, good.

If you want to change the text for your purpose, you may find it here:

I have a question regarding a delayed package arrival. According to what I’ve read, customers may be eligible for compensation from Amazon if a package doesn’t arrive by the promised delivery date and causes them inconvenience. Since the package was due to arrive on X day but has yet to X days later, is there anything you can do?

Remember to be courteous and friendly when you get in touch with them; you’ll probably get along better with the agent that way. According to an old proverb, honey attracts more flies than vinegar.

Use of Paribus

Use Paribus To Monitor Your Delayed Deliveries And Automatically Seek Credit
Paribus Delivery Observation. There is another alternative if you want to take advantage of the guaranteed delivery promise but want to avoid monitoring your deliveries to see if they arrive on time.

I then discussed a programme called Paribus that would keep tabs on your online purchases from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and others. If the price dropped, it would automatically request a refund from either your credit card’s price match policy or the programme itself. I used the Paribus service, and my credit card company gave me many sizable reimbursements.

The Capital One-owned company Paribus has also just introduced a brand-new service called “Delivery Monitoring,” which “automatically identifies and tracks the shipment of purchases made at various online retailers, including Amazon and Walmart.” Paribus will contact the retailer to demand payment if an online order is delivered to you later than the company promised.

Hence, you only need to sign up for Paribus and enable the “Delivery Monitoring” function in your preferences. Any purchases you make through your connected Amazon or Wal-Mart accounts will be tracked for timely delivery and automatically request compensation when delayed.

Use All The Amazon Prime Benefits You’re Paying For

For me, contacting Amazon to request payment for a delayed delivery was straightforward and took less than five minutes. For my time, I received a $15 credit or about 40% of the price of the goods I had bought. That’s not bad at all!

You should be rewarded when your delivery is delivered on time, given that Paribus allows you to track your shipments and automatically seek credit for free.

Remember to take advantage of opportunities to win or earn free Amazon gift cards if you also frequently purchase at Amazon!

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