Exciting News: $409K Jersey Cash 5 Lottery Ticket Sold at N.J. Liquor Store and Mega Millions Drawing Results

The recent lottery draw in New Jersey has caused a buzz in the lottery world, as a lucky individual struck gold with a Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket worth an impressive $409,613.

The winning ticket was purchased at Firehouse Liquors, situated at 273 Park Ave. in Newark.

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Alongside this exciting news, we'll also dive into the live results of the highly anticipated $99M Mega Millions drawing.

Jersey Cash 5 Lottery: A Life-Changing Win

The winning digits for this game were

12, 15, 29, 36, and 43, with an additional XTRA digit of 2

The odds of such a triumph are incredibly slim, with a staggering ratio of 1,221,759 to 1 for a $1 ticket to match all five     numbers from a                pool of 45.

However, as they say, fortune favors the persistent, and the $409,613 jackpot was finally claimed, ending the drought and bringing joy to the lucky ticket holder.

Witnessing a $409,613 jackpot-winning Jersey Cash 5 ticket sold at Firehouse Liquors has renewed the hope and excitement surrounding lottery games.

As we anxiously await the live results of the $99 million Mega Millions drawing, the anticipation continues to build.

Who knows? The next life-changing victory could be just one ticket away. Stay tuned for the latest updates and keep dreaming big!