Survey Junkie Review 2023: Can You Really Make Money Taking Surveys?

Survey Junkie Review 2023

While doing surveys on Survey Junkie is a real method to make money, there are several things you should know before making it your full-time gig.

There are easier ways to make money on the side, but Survey Junkie is worth looking into if you’re interested. If you’re interested in taking surveys from the convenience of your own home, you can find links to relevant online surveys here; why that’s the finest part! You will be compensated for providing your feedback.

Although you will get a little money for every survey (typically between $0.50 and $3), you can quickly amass a large sum of points by participating frequently and finishing all surveys for which you are qualified. Read on to learn more about Survey Junkie, including how to join up and get started, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the service.

An Overview of SurveyJunkie Review

We’ve established that Survey Junkie is a website where people may access different surveys from well-known companies. Using Survey Junkie is costless from the moment you sign up and begin. All of your “work” can be done on a computer, a mobile device, or both.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys might be a great option if you have some downtime and are looking for a simple way to make some extra cash. Creating a profile takes little time, and practically everyone can participate in some surveys depending on the information they provide.

Although many surveys may be done in 20 minutes or less and rarely present significant challenges or stress, the pay ranges from $0.50 to $3 per survey. Remember that the number of “points” you receive for completing a survey varies. The point value of most available surveys is between 80 and 150, with one cent to the point.

Survey Junkie Review 2023

All you need to do to join Survey Junkie is click “Join Now” on the website’s home page.

You can start your application by creating a Google or Facebook account and providing further details like your zip code, birthday, and gender. You can build your profile by answering questions about yourself after creating an account.

Plan to respond to inquiries as the process begins about your:

  • living circumstances
  • Income
  • Purchase behaviors
  • Pets
  • Education level

It should be noted that you cannot redeem rewards from Survey Junkie until you have at least $5 in your account. You can exchange points for PayPal cash or gift cards from well-known retailers like Amazon and Target.

Unique Qualities

The goods and services Survey Junkie provides are really simple. Making an account is free, and you receive points for participating in surveys that apply to you. You can exchange your rewards for PayPal cash or gift cards once you’ve accrued at least $5 worth of points.

Before you sign up, you should be aware of the following intriguing features:

More rewards with the Survey Junkie Pulse app: You can gain more reward points by installing the app or browser extension on your device. You become eligible for more surveys as a result.

Obtain points for additional work: Survey Junkie is now awarding bonus points for additional profile questions.

Use your power for good: Even though you will be compensated for completing simple questions, Survey Junkie truly uses the data you supply to impact the companies you care about. While our platform does pay you for your time, you also have the opportunity to influence future goods and services.

Survey Junkie: Is It Real?

You may be questioning the legitimacy of Survey Junkie at this time. After all, it seems odd that a business would pay you, even a tiny sum, for answering basic questions.

The good news is that millions of customers have come to trust Survey Junkie as a reputable business. On Trustpilot, the site now has approximately 40,000 customer ratings, with an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5.

The business also has a “B” rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) platform, where it has been accredited since 2017. Survey Junkie received an average star rating of 4.32 out of 5 from customers who commented on the business on the BBB, which is excellent considering the source.

You should be aware that Survey Junkie has received positive and negative evaluations. For instance, some users have expressed dissatisfaction about completing surveys but have not made any money. Or, they complain about beginning surveys to discover they are ineligible.

Potential Earnings with Survey Junkie

Will Survey Junkie help you make a lot of money? Most likely not. However, some users claim it can be worthwhile if you’re looking for extra cash for fun.

The amount you make depends on the surveys you are eligible for and how much time you put into the procedure. For instance, Justine from Debt Free Millennials spent a week completing surveys on Survey Junkie. She claims to do this to get cash back and gift cards she can use to buy herself minor luxuries and birthday presents.

Justine’s YouTube video showed that she completed 26 surveys in 103 minutes to gain 341 points worth $3.41. She claims that although it is not even close to minimum wage, it may still be worthwhile if you have some spare time and are okay with spending some time on your phone.

A person named Your Driver Mike completed surveys for three hours in another YouTube video to gain 603 points worth $6.03. That works out to more than $2 an hour, which is not terrific but may be better than nothing.

In both cases, incomes were considerably less than an individual could make from part-time work. However, you may use the site to do surveys on your phone and in your free time, so it’s different from a typical job. Expecting to get wealthy through online surveys is unrealistic because they are more of a side hustle than anything else.

Points Earning Method

You will be asked various questions while signing up for Survey Junkie that will help you identify the kind of person or consumer you are. These cover inquiries about your interests and pursuits and your household’s income.

Once your account is set up, you will be presented with various surveys you may be eligible for, each with a different number of points. Thankfully, the number of points you can get for each survey you complete is displayed so you can decide if it’s worthwhile. Another factor you can use to choose which surveys to take is the expected time for completion, which is often included with each survey.

Clicking “Take Survey” is all it takes to earn points. You’ll be sent the points promised to your account whenever a survey is finished.

Because each point is worth one cent, a survey that offers 95 points will net you $.95. Be aware that you must have at least $5 in rewards to cash out your account, so you will need to spend some time doing surveys to accrue the points you need to exchange for cash or gift cards.

Program SJ Pulse

The SJ Pulse Program, for “those who passively disclose their digital behaviors for market research reasons,” is a well-liked approach to increase your earnings with Survey Junkie.

This program calls for installing activity-tracking software on your phone or computer. The SJ Pulse Program will start tracking your online activity as soon as you opt-in, including the websites you visit, the online purchases you make, the apps you use, the adverts you see, and more.

Although you can utilize this program in addition to doing surveys to make money, it also allows you to receive rewards passively. The SJ Pulse Program lets you earn points that may be exchanged for cash back via PayPal, a wire transfer, a check, or a gift card, exactly like surveys.

Is it safe to use Survey Junkie?

You may need clarification on the platform’s security before completing surveys online. You should first be aware that Survey Junkie does indeed have an SSL certificate. It indicates that the website is safe to use and secure.

Additionally, Survey Junkie provides a transparent privacy policy that defines important words and explains how they utilize and safeguard your data.

How to get a hold of Survey Junkie

Also, remember that the business offers several ways to get out to them if you need help with the website. For instance, you can fill out an email contact form on their website.

Customers can also call the business’s customer service department at (949) 743-3217.

For whom is Survey Junkie the best?

It may seem too good to be true to be paid to answer questions, but Survey Junkie is as real as they come.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that taking surveys on Survey Junkie won’t make you rich. This choice is ideal for the following:

busy individuals seeking supplemental income in the form of PayPal cash or gift cards

Anyone who occasionally has several hours to kill, such as during their child’s sporting events or piano lessons

Parents who are accumulating prizes to use as Christmas or birthday gifts

People who wish to engage in meaningless activities as they unwind or watch television

Many of their polls have a minimum payout of $0.50, and you are only qualified for $10 or less in surveys every week. You might only be paid $1 to $4 per hour while taking surveys at the lower pay scale, which is quite small.

Therefore, Survey Junkie is more of a “side hustle” than a means of supporting yourself. It’s also a bad option for folks who require dependable side money because you might only qualify for some surveys.

Other Survey Sites ( vs. Survey Junkie

You’re undoubtedly aware that other businesses carry out similar operations to Survey Junkie. If you intend to use one survey site, remember that not all operate similarly.

How to Prepare for Online Surveys

Taking internet surveys can make sense if you have spare time, but what more should you know about this industry? As you investigate the world of online survey sites, bear the following points in mind:

Utilize more than one platform to earn extra prizes. Many people register for various platforms and use them all, as certain survey sites restrict the number of surveys you can take each month. Also, remember that some rivals of Survey Junkie reward users for watching films, playing games, or shopping online.

Major brands recognize the value of surveys. Surveys on websites like Survey Junkie are effective marketing tools that give businesses the vital information they require. Brands may tailor their goods and services to real customers like you, thanks to the responses provided in consumer surveys.

The Verdict: Is Survey Junkie Reputable?

Users can do surveys on Survey Junkie for free in exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards. Although you will make little money for your time investment, this platform makes it simple to accumulate incentives that you can use to pay for special purchases or even regular expenses.

Q&As Regarding Survey Junkie

What is the validity of Survey Junkie?

The majority of the user evaluations for Survey Junkie are outstanding. If you follow the program’s guidelines when taking surveys using this platform, you can anticipate getting the prizes you’re promised.

The number of points you can earn and the typical length of each survey are both disclosed by Survey Junkie. As a result, it is simpler for users to decide whether surveys are worthwhile for their time.

On Survey Junkie, how much money can you make?

Your income is based on the number of surveys you complete, and most of those on Survey Junkie pay between $0.50 and $3. If you complete each survey offered, you may expect a monthly revenue of $20 to $50.

How can I quickly get $20 on PayPal?

A quick and simple way to earn $20 in PayPal cash in a short amount of time is through Survey Junkie. Each survey you complete will earn you between $0.50 and $3. When you’re ready and have at least $5 in rewards in your account, you may cash out for a PayPal transfer.

How long does it take Survey Junkie to pay out?

Instantaneous PayPal transfers from Survey Junkie are possible. You can exchange your points for electronic gift cards as soon as you’re prepared.

What is the procedure for SJ Pulse?

By downloading the Pulse app after creating a profile on Survey Junkie, you can increase the prizes you receive. With the help of this browser extension, you may increase the points you receive for each survey you complete and gain access to special incentives by sharing your browsing history. Additionally, if you have this browser extension installed on your computer, you’ll be qualified for more surveys.

How much money can you earn on Survey Junkie with 500 points?

The amount of money you can make on Survey Junkie for 500 points will vary depending on several variables, including the particular survey or activity you are participating in and the nation in which you are located.

Users of Survey Junkie are paid in points, which they can exchange through the website’s rewards program for cash or other benefits. Each survey or activity will have a different cap on the maximum points you can receive, and each point’s worth may also change.


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