25 Proven Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards 2023

21 Proven Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

We’re always on the lookout for ways to boost our profits, you know? And one of the tricks up our sleeve is snagging Amazon gift cards without paying the full price. Why fork over the cash when you can score ’em for free online?

Over the past year or so, I’ve put a few websites to the test, where they ask you to do some tasks in exchange for those sweet Amazon gift card vouchers. Some sites let you earn ’em by making purchases through their portal, while others want you to take surveys or sign up for freebies. Then there are those that crave your reviews and recommendations of their services, straight from the horse’s mouth.

But here’s the thing—they all have one thing in common: they pay up with free Amazon gift cards. I’ve dabbled in each of these sites to different degrees, and I gotta say, they all do the job just fine. Check out my Amazon account after the latest round of gift card entries! It’s blooming like a wildflower, I tell ya!

So, why not give it a shot? Who doesn’t love freebies? Don’t be a penny pincher, dive in and grab those gift cards while they’re hot! It’s like hitting the jackpot without spending a dime. And hey, variety is the spice of life, right? So mix it up, have some fun, and watch your Amazon balance soar to new heights. You’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat in no time!

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Free gift card for Amazon

Amazon Wants To Offer You $10 Free! Update: When you visit Amazon.com and make your first $50 purchase of Amazon gift cards between now and June 30, 21 (or while supplies last), you’ll receive a $10 promotional credit added to your account.

Obtaining Codes for Free Amazon Gift Cards

Many people are searching for free gift cards, including free gift cards from Amazon. Please take a look at some of the popular search terms I came across while doing my research for this article:

Free Amazon Gift Cards – Volume of Searches

About 100,000 individuals search for these topics on Google monthly for several phrases I discovered. Tens of thousands were hunting for numerous others:

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Gift cards from Amazon are fantastic since you can use them to purchase almost anything you desire, including cameras, phones, televisions, clothing, food, and toiletries. They are practical, adaptable, and nearly as valuable as money.

It’s hardly shocking that people are trying to figure out how to get these gift cards for free.

Where can you quickly and easily get free Amazon gift card codes? Let’s look at it.

How To Quickly Obtain A Free Amazon Gift Card

Although there are countless opportunities to win free Amazon gift cards, the ones I’ve highlighted are among the finest. How come they are the best?

The free Amazon gift certificates are delivered quickly.

You can exchange them for free gift cards without needing to earn much money (Some sites have a high dollar threshold to receive a payout.).
They are trustworthy websites that genuinely pay their users. They are not a con and won’t abandon you.

Some of my favorite websites and businesses will compensate you with free Amazon gift cards without further ado.

Gift Cards & Coupons for Amazon, Free

Swagbucks Offers Free Amazon Gift Card Vouchers (Plus A $5 Bonus)
I’ve been using Swagbucks for a while now to use their website to earn free Amazon gift cards.

How does it function?

Join up for a free Swagbucks account to start earning SB points for watching videos, taking surveys, buying online, and more. Then, you can exchange your SB points for free Amazon gift cards and gift cards from other retailers like Target, Walmart, and Starbucks. Even cash payments can be made using Visa reward cards or PayPal.

1. Swagbucks: Free Amazon Gift Cards

The beauty of Swagbucks is that you can snag a $3 Amazon gift card with just around 300 points, while other websites make you rack up enough points for $10 or $20 worth of gift cards before you can cash in. Talk about a sweet deal!

What’s even better is that Swagbucks often puts Amazon gift cards up for grabs, and you can snatch ’em up for fewer points. So, what I like to do is hold onto my earnings until I spot a discounted gift card. That way, I can squeeze out even more value from my hard-earned points. It’s like a smart shopping spree, my friend!

And hey, here’s a little something extra for you. When you sign up for Swagbucks using our link and manage to earn 2,500 SB points within the first 60 days, they’ll toss a $5 bonus your way. Now that’s what I call a nifty incentive!

So don’t wait around, get in on the Swagbucks action and start earning those points like there’s no tomorrow. The more you earn, the closer you get to treating yourself to all sorts of goodies on Amazon. It’s like turning everyday tasks into a ticket to a world of shopping delights. Let’s get those points rolling!

Visit Swagbucks to receive your $5 bonus.

2. Empower Personal Dashboard (20 Extra Dollars)

Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your finances effectively? Introducing Empower Personal Dashboard, the free financial software that empowers you to achieve your goals. With its feature-rich interface, Empower enables effortless monitoring and control of your financial life. In this article, we’ll explore the key benefits of Empower, helping you make an informed decision about integrating it into your financial strategy.

Effortless Monitoring

Empower revolutionizes financial monitoring. Track investments, mortgage values, assets, and debts with ease. Its intuitive interface provides real-time updates, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple accounts and spreadsheets.

Optimize Your Strategy

Empower acts as your trusted ally in developing and optimizing your financial strategy. Gain valuable insights and data-driven recommendations for investments, savings, and debt management. Stay ahead of the game with instant access to a wealth of information.

User-Friendly Interface

Empower stands out with its user-friendly interface. Designed for simplicity and functionality, even novices can navigate effortlessly. Access financial information, analyze reports, and adjust budgets in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to complicated software and hello to stress-free financial management.

Empower Personal Dashboard with Free Amazon Gift Cards

With the link below, you can sign up for a free account with Empower and receive a $20 Amazon gift card as a bonus.

All you need to do is, within 30 days of signing up, link at least one legitimate investment account (brokerage, 401k, IRA, etc.) with a balance of more than $1,000. Most individuals shouldn’t have a problem with that. Obtaining a free $20 Amazon gift card is simple.

To receive your $20 bonus, visit the Empower Personal Dashboard.

3. Ibotta ($10 Bonus Included)

Ibotta is an Android or iOS mobile app that offers cash back and perks. You’ll notice a range of available money-back offers at stores you already shop at, both in-store and online, when you sign up and open the app.

Ibotta: Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

I open the app before I go shopping and check the deals currently running at the store I’m going to.

I’ll add that offer to my account if they have a cash-back offer for something I need.

Snap a photo of your receipt when you come home from the store, and the money will be immediately transferred to your account.

They frequently give cash back for items like “any brand butter” or “any brand milk, ” meaning you can nearly always find a deal to take advantage of. You can nearly always find them for “any item,” Occasionally, they even have them for just that.

Sign up for Ibotta and activate your first offer within 15 days, you’ll receive a $10 bonus.

4. Honey

By automatically using all of their available discount codes at checkout, Honey is a browser plugin that makes it easy to save money when shopping online. By enabling you to look at the pricing history of Amazon items, you may determine if the item is now priced high or low, and so save money. If the price is high, you can put it on your “droplist” to be notified when it drops again.

There are several ways to use Honey to obtain free Amazon gift cards. To start a “Honey Gold” shopping session through their website or browser extension when making an online purchase. When you make a purchase, you will receive Honey Gold points that can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

Referring to other users is another way to gain points. For each user you refer, you will receive 500 points.

Amazon Gift Cards for Free – Honey

You can exchange 1000 Honey Gold points for a $10 Amazon gift card once you’ve earned that many points. Also, you may exchange your points for gift cards from stores like Target and Walmart.

Visit for Honey

5. Fetch Rewards (Plus A $2 Bonus).

Earning rewards is incredibly simple with Fetch Rewards.

When you shop for food, scan your grocery store or neighborhood market receipt to receive extra points for specific purchases you can later exchange for Amazon gift cards.

Fetch Rewards app offers free gift cards

A superb strategy to increase your earnings is to browse the app before buying and discover goods that you would have bought anyhow. Purchase the brand specified in the app, and you will be credited with points. A single shopping trip frequently allows you to earn hundreds or even thousands of points. I just went on a journey where I bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Doritos, and various Pepsi items, earning me 5,000 points. Enough for a $5 gift card, please!

21 Proven Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards and hundreds of other incentives are available when you redeem your points.

You can earn an additional 2,000 Fetch Points ($2 bonus) when you sign up using my referral code, MREFX. I’ll also receive points; please accept my gratitude.

If you’re feeling kind, you can give your points to a charity of your choice rather than receiving an Amazon or Walmart gift card.

Visit Fetch Rewards to receive a $2 bonus.

6. Upside

With the cashback app Upside, you can save money on each gallon of gas you purchase.

How does it function?

Use the app to locate a nearby partner gas station, and when you get there to fill up, check in there. When you’re through, acquire a receipt from the store with an itemized bill and the last four numbers of the credit card, and when you turn in the receipt, you’ll earn cash back on the petrol you bought.

Free money or gift cards from Upside

The gas stations close to me usually provide $0.25 to $0.30 back per gallon, and if you recommend friends and other app users, you may get even more money back per gallon.

Moreover, Upside offers cash back at partner eateries, markets, and convenience stores. For instance, our area’s Burger King and Wendy’s provide 25% cash back on each transaction. Check in before purchasing, and submit your receipt within four hours.

The cashback I’ve been receiving from Upside frequently stacks with the cashback from other services like Dosh, which is a neat discovery. Therefore, if I spend $20 at Wendy’s, I’ll receive 25% cash back from Upside and an additional $0.50 to $1 from Dosh. Thus, for a $20 order, I can receive $5 to $6 in cash. That’s fantastic!

The app allows you to cash out whenever you want, and they offer PayPal, cheque, gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and cashback. We have already received $1210 in cash from nearby eateries, petrol stations, and other businesses. It’s worth every penny!

Use the link below to download the app, then use the promotional code AFF25 to receive an additional 0.125 cents per gallon of gas back on your first fill-up.

Go to Upside

7. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping, a browser extension that you can add to Chrome or Firefox, works similarly to Honey in that it assists you in finding a discount code or a better deal and alerts you when the things you are viewing go on sale.

Also, by using their site to shop online, you can earn credit that can be exchanged for gift cards. When more credit is offered on particular websites, the extension will notify you and ask you to enable it.

Also, you can get paid for referring other users. You will receive $5 in credits when someone you recommended signs up and makes a purchase!

Visit their website and select the “redeem” link once you have accumulated enough credit from user referrals or online purchases. There, you can exchange your credits for any amount of gift cards that are on hand.

The last aspect of the addon that I appreciate is that it alerts you when an identical item is available elsewhere for cheaper money while you’re browsing on Amazon. It will also insert a button that, when clicked, will transport you to a page where you can view the item’s location and lower prices. Beneficial.

8. Drop App

Earning Amazon gift cards is relatively straightforward using the Drop app; I received a $5 gift card shortly after signing up. So how does it function?

The app must first be downloaded on your phone.

Connect your debit or credit card to your new account at that point. Next, within the app, you can view cashback offers from various retailers, including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. Use the in-app shopping deals and make purchases with your associated card. You can earn extra points by completing surveys and other tasks.

You can gain points using the app to conduct additional chores and shop. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including an Amazon gift card.

Please read the entirety of our Drop app review here.

Visit Drop App to receive your $5 bonus.

9. Dosh App

Free Amazon Gift Cards With the Dosh App

You can use the Dosh app to get cash back on purchases you would have made otherwise. Also, when you sign up through our link and add your first credit card, you’ll receive a $5 bonus immediately. Technically, you can’t earn Amazon gift cards through Dosh, and you can spend the money you get in exchange for anything, including gift cards, if you like. So, how do you begin?

The app must first be downloaded on your phone.

Then, use code: PETERA18, when you sign up. After entering the code, you will receive a $5 credit, which you can exchange for cash.

Connect your credit or debit cards to your new account after you’ve joined up and received your $5 bonus. Then, within the app, you can view cashback offers from various merchants, including Pizza Hut, Costco, neighborhood restaurants, and more. Use the shopping promotions in the app to shop online or make in-store purchases with your associated card.

You can withdraw money via PayPal or a linked bank account after your balance exceeds $25. While writing this, I hit my first $25 and quickly cashed out!

Visit Dosh App to receive your $5 bonus.

10. Zap Surveys

With your first survey guaranteed to pay at least $6.25, the Zap Surveys app allows you to do high-paying daily surveys.

You can get money by participating in in-depth surveys, short survey polls asking businesses what logos to use, location-based surveys, and surveys that pay you to cash back when you shop using the app.

Get Amazon gift cards or money with Zap surveys

In addition to offering many well-paying surveys, they also provide a variety of reward choices, including PayPal, Visa gift cards, and Amazon gift cards.

Another amazing thing is that for each survey you complete, a donation will be made to a charity fighting childhood hunger!

Visit Zap Surveys.

11. CoinOut

Using the CoinOut app, you can get paid for scanning receipts. Everything from gas stops and restaurants to grocery stores can have their receipts reviewed. Each receipt you scan into the app will earn you a few cents.

The payouts you’ll get are small, but they’re still money you may accumulate and withdraw later. You can exchange your remaining balance for Amazon gift cards or gift cards from other companies. PayPal is another option for withdrawals, which is how I like to do it.

Also, you may use the app to shop and receive cash back. You may see in their store listing what percentage of cash back or bonus you’ll get. Click the button to start shopping and finish in the same session. The app features numerous merchants, including Groupon, Sam’s Club, Overstock, and Kohl’s. Whenever the steps of that deal are finished, you’ll be given cash back after making a purchase.

Registering for services or goods can get more significant dollar incentives on the app. For instance, Chime offers a $50 incentive when you open a bank account. Public.com is offering a $10 incentive for investments. Get $15 when you open an account with Groundfloor. Continue to check back because the specials are constantly changing.

12. Pei App

Pei is an app that gives you cash back (or bitcoin back) for your typical daily purchases.

How does it function? Connect your credit or debit card to your Pei account, and the next time you purchase at one of our partner stores using that card, Pei will immediately credit your account with cashback incentives.

Cashback Pei app

The best part of the app is that you don’t even have to think about it—the cashback savings come automatically.

As I made purchases at nearby places like Target, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, or Chipotle, I received cash back into my account (you may link as many credit cards as you like).

Also, you can get paid for referring new customers to the service. Have your friend provide your referral code when signing up. You will receive cash credit for their referral after they use a partner merchant to receive their first cash back.

Get $2.50 cashback (after your first purchase with a linked card) by entering the promo code money matters on the first sign-up page.

13. PrizeRebel

On the website PrizeRebel, you may earn free Amazon gift cards and cash, PayPal, Visa gift cards, and other rewards for taking surveys, finishing offers, watching videos, and other activities.

You can exchange points for a PayPal payout, an Amazon gift card, or other redemption choices when you have enough points. One unique feature is that you can cash out once you reach the ultra-low redemption threshold of 200 points for a $2 gift card. Not too tricky.

Amazon Gift Cards for Free | Prize Rebel

You can also accrue points for your account by introducing new users to the site. You will receive 20% of any points a user you referred makes on the website.

Hence, if they receive 100 points for completing surveys, they will receive 20 points. You refer to as many people as you can increase your referral percentage, which can go to 25% or 30% once you’ve reached a particular threshold of points.

Click here to visit PrizeRebel

14. InboxDollars (Plus A $5 Bonus)

Another website that pays you to complete surveys, watch videos, play games, and shop online in exchange for cash back is InboxDollars.

Gift Cards for Amazon – Free – Inbox Dollars

Also, you can receive a bonus each time a buddy you referred joins and succeeds. 30% of your friend’s profits while they’re active users, plus a $1 extra, will go to you. You need to be happening because you need to earn $30 before paying out a gift card.

Visit InboxDollars to receive a $5 bonus.

15. ReceiptPal

Snapping a photo of your receipt after shopping can earn rewards from ReceiptPal, such as Amazon gift cards.

You will earn points for submitting receipts. You can exchange points for an Amazon gift card when you have made enough points.

You will therefore receive 100 points for each receipt that you submit. You may get a $5 Amazon gift card for 2200 points. So, scanning 88 receipts will earn you a $5 gift card.

They have additional ways, such as taking surveys, to gain points. Also, link your Gmail and Amazon accounts so that any purchase receipts you receive via email or transactions you make on Amazon will be added to your totals.

Visit ReceiptPal.

16. TopCashBack

Another cashback shopping service is TopCashBack, where you may convert the fixed cashback rate you receive from using their site to make purchases to cash or Amazon rewards. TopCashBack advertises that it returns 100% of referral commissions to users, unlike other cashback websites. Hence, if they make 5% on a sale, they give you the total amount. Their revenue comes from affiliate bonuses, sponsorships, and more advertising.

Amazon Gift Card for Free – TopCashBack

You can recommend new users to the website and earn cash back that can be exchanged for free Amazon gift cards (or money). If you refer a friend, and they sign up and receive at least $10 in rewards, your account will be credited $15!

The fact that this site’s payment threshold is $0.01 for the most common payouts of gift cards and cash is one of its best features. As a result, you can cash out whenever you like.

Visit TopCashBack

17. Earnably

Another “get paid to” and cashback website is Earnably, where you may complete tasks to receive free gift cards in the form of Amazon gift cards.

Earnably: Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

What sort of duties? You can watch movies, participate in surveys, complete offers (for instance, sign up for Hulu), and more.

Referring to other people using Earnably is another way to earn money. It works effectively if you have a sizable online following or a website. For life, you will receive 10% off everything your referral makes. Very good!

When you have just 125 points, you can pay out your earned points. They provide gift cards from several different online businesses, including Amazon. Or get paid via PayPal if you’d rather!

Visit Earnably

18. InstaGC

On the website InstaGC, you can watch videos, respond to surveys, or perform other chores to earn credits that can be used to purchase gift cards.

There are numerous offers and ways to earn money, and the worth of each point is specified.

InstaGC offers free Amazon gift cards.

You can exchange your points into Amazon gift cards (or other gift cards) with as little as $1 in credits, and they make the process relatively simple. Many stores will let you redeem once you spend $10 or $20.

Visit InstaGC

Through survey websites, get free Amazon gift cards

Numerous survey websites are available that let you sit down, complete some of their surveys, and earn points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and other rewards.

Make sure before you join because most survey websites will only be accessible to U.S. panelists.

19. BeFrugal.com ($10 Bonus Included)

You can get free Amazon gift cards using the cashback and coupon website BeFrugal.com to make purchases you would have made anyway. You can shop at places like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay using their portal and get cash back.

Install their browser extension to make things simpler. It can notify you when cashback is available.

Amazon Gift Cards for Free – BeFrugal

When you have earned as little as $10, you can cash out your profits for an Amazon gift card and receive a 1% extra upon doing so! Also, they have gift cards from other well-known merchants, which might provide you with even more significant incentives! You can pay to a PayPal account if you prefer cash, but there is no bonus.

When you sign up for their website using our link, you’ll receive a $10 bonus that may be used once your cashback balance reaches $25.

Visit BeFrugal.com to receive a $10 bonus.

20. CheckPoints

Get CheckPoints points by watching movies, quizzes, shopping online, finishing offers, searching, and other activities.

Gift Cards for Amazon – Free – CheckPoints

Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for gifts like gift cards to Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other stores. Also, they frequently give away Amazon gift cards.

Remember to use the promo code ande1352 when signing up for the app to receive your bonus points!

Visit the checkpoints

21. Microsoft Rewards

A rewards program offered to you by Microsoft is called Microsoft Rewards. It was introduced to aid in the promotion of their search engine, Bing.

You will receive 5 points for each search you conduct when connected to Bing. If Bing is your primary search engine, you will soon have enough credit to purchase an Amazon gift card.

When you accumulate 5,250 points, you can redeem one for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Additional ways to earn points include engaging in daily offers, doing quizzes, and responding to polls.

Microsoft Rewards: Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Access Microsoft Rewards.

22. Mistplay

Mistplay: Play mobile games to earn Amazon gift cards

Mistplay is a social, mobile gaming platform for Android devices with over 10 million downloads that pay you to play games.

Get points by playing games, playing the ones they list, connecting with your friends, and discovering new games.

Weekly giveaways from Mistplay feature expensive rewards like electronics and gift cards worth hundreds of dollars.

Try playing games that display unit multipliers of 3X and 4X as well. For instance, earning a gift card with a 4X unit multiplier will happen 8 times faster than with a 0.5X unit multiplier.

You can exchange points for incentives like money or gift cards when you have accumulated enough points. They provide a variety of gift cards, including Amazon gift cards, Xbox gift cards, Google Play credit, iTunes credit, and more.

With an Amazon gift card, you can get one for as cheap as $0.50!

Visit Mistplay

23. Gamehag

Get Amazon gift cards with Gamehag. utilizing a mobile game

Another well-known mobile and desktop gaming hub is Gamehag, where you can earn “soul gems” by playing games, finishing activities, or taking advantage of deals. The app has been downloaded and used by millions.

Your soul gems can then be used to obtain rewards. Along with Amazon gift cards, they also have Google Play, iTunes, and Steam cards.

Use games that provide more points and multipliers to attain your reward objective more quickly.

Visit Gamehag

24. MrRebates

You will receive cash back when you shop via Mr. Rebates, a cashback website. You can receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card, a paper check, or a PayPal payment.

Use their portal, browser extension, or mobile app to conduct your shopping. When you make a purchase, you’ll receive credit for cash back, which you can later cash out using your preferred payment option.

Free Gift Cards from Amazon – Mr Rebates

By introducing friends to the service, you can increase your earnings. You will receive a 20% bonus of the cashback received by anyone you refer who makes a purchase and receives cash back. Hence, you will receive $1 if they receive $5 in cash back.

Before cashing out, you must have a balance of $10 in cash back.

Visit Mr. Rebates

25. MyPoints ($10 Bonus Included)

Register for MyPoints to start earning points whenever you shop on their website.

Gift Cards for Amazon – Free – MyPoints
Redeem your Points at over 75 renowned restaurants, shops, and travel companies for gift cards, reward miles, and more!

Visit MyPoints to claim your $10 bonus.

26. Capterra Reviews

I just learned of a website called Capterra Reviews, where they solicit reviews of online services, goods, and software. After your review is published and you complete it using our link, you will receive a free $5 Amazon gift card coupon.

Create a review for well-known goods, websites, or programs. Your Amazon gift code will be sent to you via email once it has been published.

For instance, I reviewed Skype, Google Documents, and Google Sheets and quickly received my code.

Free Amazon Gift Cards – Reviews on Capterra
Visit Capterra Reviews to receive a $5 bonus.
Credit Card from Amazon ($50-$70 Bonus)

Visa Signature Card with Amazon Prime Rewards

Right now, Amazon is offering free gift cards to customers. All you have to do is apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card by Chase credit card, and after your application is approved, you’ll instantly receive a $70 Amazon.com gift card. The only requirement is that you must be a Prime member.

You will receive a credit card in addition to the free Amazon gift card, which offers 5% cash back on Amazon purchases, 2% in restaurants, petrol stations, and drug stores, and 1% everywhere else.

If you don’t have a Prime membership, you can apply for the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card by Chase and receive a $50 Amazon gift card. The cards are comparable other from the fact that Amazon offers only 3% cash back.

Just make sure you pay off your monthly credit card balance and refrain from making unnecessary purchases.

Click here for your $70 bonus with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

Visit Chase’s Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card to receive a $50 bonus.

How to Redeem Your Coupon for an Amazon Gift Card

You don’t have to use your Amazon gift cards immediately; you can easily add them to your account once you’ve earned them later.

Do the following only:

Log in to Amazon.com, then navigate to https://www.amazon.com/gc/redeem.

Just type the gift card claim code you were given in the box into the gift card redemption page.

The gift card will be added to your “Current Gift Card Balance” after you click the “Apply to your balance” button. Here is mine because I recently added a lot of claim codes.

How Can I Redeem Amazon Gift Cards If I Have Free Gift Cards?

The credit will already be available when you decide to purchase after adding your Amazon gift card codes to your account.

First Bonus Suggestion: Triple Your Savings

I’ve started utilizing this trick to shop online and save three times as much. I triple my savings by combining my Amazon gift cards with those from many other retailers. Hence, in addition to saving money by receiving free gift cards, I also save money in different ways.

It is how it goes.

Go to the store where you wish to save money to activate cash back. By visiting their website or using a browser extension, activate your preferred cashback website (such as TopCashBack, Rakuten, Swagbucks, or Honey). If you have it installed, it should immediately ask you to “activate cash back” when it pops up.

Visit the Cashback Monitor website to find out which cashback service offers your store the best Cashback rate.

To obtain a promo code, use Honey: Once you’ve located the product you wish to purchase, add it to your shopping basket and start the checkout process. Use the

Honey browser extension to search for available discount codes on the checkout page, where there is a spot for them to save you money! Another website to check for promo codes is RetailMeNot.

Purchase a gift card at a discount from Gift Card Granny: After calculating the total of your order, if you don’t have enough credit to buy the item, then purchase a gift card from Gift Card Granny to pay the balance. Their browser extension lets you buy a gift card directly from your browser and add it to your order. Although

Amazon gift cards are more popular and are typically only available at a minor discount, you may frequently find popular retailer gift cards at a significant value.

You can save three times as much when you use a coupon code and get cash back and a discounted gift card to pay for your order.

Bonus Trick 2: Get More Amazon Credit For Late Prime Delivery from Swagbucks

TopCashBack Rakuten Honey Gift Cards Granny Cashback Monitor

Remember to use your gift cards if your delivery is delayed after you’ve earned them and made a purchase. Due to their on-time delivery guarantee, you can earn additional credit if you contact Amazon. Grab the credit and use it to fund further purchases!

How to Obtain Credit on Amazon If your Amazon Prime delivery is delayed,

Amazon gift card codes are available.

Everyone agrees that Amazon gift cards are the finest because they are versatile.

There’s a good reason why so many businesses are providing them as a perk. They are the next best thing after money.

There are many opportunities to acquire free gift cards online. You only need to determine which websites suit you the best.

You can earn free gift cards immediately by identifying websites that suit your needs.

Do you use other websites, services, or initiatives to obtain free Amazon gift cards? Please describe them in the comments section.

Questions and Answers

How can I acquire an Amazon gift card for nothing?

Free Amazon gift card coupons can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some websites offer you the chance to earn Amazon gift cards by making purchases through their portal. Others may get you to participate in surveys or register for free services. Others will want reviews or recommendations of their services from other customers.

Where can I find free gift cards for Amazon?

Cashback websites offer free Amazon gift cards, including Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Honey, Drop, Dosh, ReceiptPal, TopCashBack, Earnably, and InstaGC. Many survey websites, including Survey Junkie, Pincone Research, MySoapbox, Springboard America, and others, will pay you in Amazon gift cards for taking surveys. Finally, if you recommend additional users to software businesses, many of them will reward you with a free gift card.

How can I receive free Amazon gift cards the quickest?

The most straightforward approach to getting Amazon gift cards depends on your circumstances, how much you shop, and the size of your social network. Referring friends to applications, services, and products is the simplest way to earn free gift cards if you have a large social media following.

How can I use my Amazon gift certificate?

Visit the Amazon website and then https://www.amazon.com/gc/redeem to redeem your Amazon gift card code. Fill in the box with your gift card claim code. The gift card code will be applied to your balance once you click the “apply to your balance” button. Then, you can use it when shopping.

Which app offers the best free gift cards?

The Swagbucks app is one of the finest for obtaining free gift cards. There are numerous ways to earn points, and there is a low point threshold for redeeming points for gift cards. They’re among the best for the combination of low point totals and simplicity of earning. PrizeRebel might come in second place because of how similar their earning and redemption processes are.

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